The most interesting people we met this year

From a camel cowboy to a woman living in a laundromat, 2016 was full of surprises.

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Joshua Strahl in Iceland this summer. Joshua Strahl in Iceland this summer. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

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Joshua Strahl

Joshua Strahl wants people to know he's more than just the lead fix-it guy at Royal Flush Plumbing. After almost dying in 2009, the Brooklyn native decided to live life to the fullest. He's become an ultra-marathoner, often running 100 miles at a time. The father of two has traipsed over volcanoes in Iceland and is now prepping to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. And he does it all for charity. "I love what I do in plumbing. I really love it, because I'm helping people all day long," he told us. "I still enjoy plumbing a lot, but how much do I still want to shimmy into manholes?"

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