10 famous mustaches that would win #movember

From Albert Einstein to Yosemite Sam, these famous 'staches are unforgettable.

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Groucho Marx Groucho Marx (Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

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Groucho Marx's 'slab of duct tape' mustache

Ah, the mustache that inspired the famous Groucho Marx glasses and stache disguise. This oddly geometrical bit of facial hair went down in history.

Marx actually used a fake mustache during his early Vaudeville years before growing a proper one. He painted it on with greasepaint, which must have been a whole production to get off. Luckily, the actor and comedian was pretty into productions (badum ching).

"I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception," Marx once said. Thanks to his creative facial hair preferences and, apparently, greasepaint, we're pretty sure we'll never forget this man's face.

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