10 famous mustaches that would win #movember

From Albert Einstein to Yosemite Sam, these famous 'staches are unforgettable.

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5 / 11

Ned Flanders's 'carwash' mustache

Hidley Ho, neighborinos! Marge isn't the only character from "The Simpsons" who cares about hair. Ned Flanders won't shave his mustache for anything. This friendly neighbor even once moved away from a town that insisted he shave.

Not that his mustache was particularly safe in Springfield, as evidenced by this conversation between him and Homer:

Ned: I just wish you wouldn't curse in front of my boys!
Homer: Oh, come on, now, Flanders! I don't complain about your mustache!
Ned: What's wrong with my mustache?
Homer: It makes you look like you've got something to hide.
Ned: What?
Homer: People are talking. Lots of people.

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