10 famous mustaches that would win #movember

From Albert Einstein to Yosemite Sam, these famous 'staches are unforgettable.

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4 / 11

Hamilton the Hipster Cat's 'milky handlebar' mustache

This rescue cat and internet sensation is into all-natural litter and good vibes (aren't we all?). Something about a cat with a permanent milk mustache really draws in crowds; his Facebook page has more than 100,000 fans (though sand kittens may give him a run for his cuteness). That's 100,000 people he can order around.

"If you don't want to get pounced I'd suggest getting out of bed and giving me breakfast," Hamilton tells us. Maybe he's letting the fame get to his head. Or maybe that's pretty much how all cats feel.

According to his Facebook page Hamilton "has a real mustache that is better than any mustache that has ever walked this planet." Perhaps that's because no mustache has ever, to our knowledge, walked.

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