10 famous mustaches that would win #movember

From Albert Einstein to Yosemite Sam, these famous 'staches are unforgettable.

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Albert Einstein's 'bushy but loveable' mustache

This most famous of geniuses was also famous for facial hair. Albert Einstein, who reinvented physics, helped found Jerusalem's Hebrew University and stuck his tongue out for the camera, also found the time to grow a distinctive stache.

Einstein's bushy facial hair went well with his generally shaggy appearance, showing us all that you don't have to look prim and proper to change the world.

Nowadays, it's just about impossible to pull off an Einstein costume or even bake an Einstein-shaped cake without the wacky hair and mustache.

This famous look is largely thanks to an unsung heroine. Einstein's second wife, Elsa Loewenthal, used to trim both the hair on his head and on his face. We wonder if she felt like she was making history while she trimmed. Probably not, we conclude.

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