5 incredibly weird fictional December holidays

Writers and artists just love to make up festivities.

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king holding bunny king holding bunny (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube)

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Decemberween from 'Homestar Runner'

This holiday is celebrated by the colorful flash cartoon folk of fictional town Free Country, USA. Though the characters seem well acquainted with the holiday's origins, which they explain via pageant, we the audience only see glimpses of the story, which apparently has something to do with two Kobe Bryants and a sailor.

Bunnies are the holiday's traditional dish, which angers character Marzipan, who prefers bunnies to be alive. Decemberween is "the most sanitary time of year" and is celebrated by piling up all the dead rats one has accumulated over the year.

One character, Strong Sad, is usually trapped in a bathtub on Decemberween and doesn't get to participate in the festivities.

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