5 incredibly weird fictional December holidays

Writers and artists just love to make up festivities.

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Wintersday Wintersday (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube)

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Wintersday from 'Guild Wars'

Every year, a festival brings cheer into the hearts of players in this online role-playing game. During Wintersday, a fictional New Year's celebration, Snowmen give presents throughout the land, and Grentches (goblin-like creatures) destroy them.

Players take on holiday-specific quests, such as the "A Very Grentchie Wintersday" quest, which involves looking for termites, gunk, garlic and dirty socks. Other characters help players on their quests, including a gunk farmer who sounds like a cross between Borat and a chipper 19th-century British orphan:

"You is looking for gunk? Then you is coming to the right Urme! I be the greatest gunk farmer in all of these swamps, I is. You is very lucky, Urme is just making a very large batch of gunk he is not be needing all of!" and so on.

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