5 incredibly weird fictional December holidays

Writers and artists just love to make up festivities.

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festivus festivus (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube)

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Festivus from 'Seinfeld'

This non-celebratory celebration has actually made its way into reality, and real people around the world enjoy it. In 2013, a Festivus Pole constructed with six feet of beer cans was erected in the Florida State Capitol Building, and comedian Jeremy Feldhamer promoted a Festivus Comedy Festival in Jerusalem last year.

George's father creates this infamous "Seinfeld" celebration on the show (although one of the writers' fathers actually invented it.)

Practices include putting up an aluminum pole, airing grievances (in which guests lash out at each other) and "Feats of Strength" during which the head of the household challenges someone else at the party to a wrestling match.

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