How to make coffee without a coffeemaker

Tired of your usual morning cup? Try these unconventional brewing ideas.

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Icecafe Icecafe (Photo: Bangkokhappiness / Shutterstock)

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Ice cafe

Think of the best frappuccino you've ever had. Now imagine your Starbucks barista studied said frappuccino for years, trying to make it taste as rich as a milkshake, so expertly blended that the ice doesn't just gather at the bottom like a disappointing slushie.

This, my friend, is ice cafe, a treat that wakes you up and cools you down. Just blend high quality coffee, half-and-half, milk and ice in your favorite blender.

Israel-based Aroma coffee shops are particularly well known for their ice cafes, which are now available at several of their U.S. locations.

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