7 wacky but tasty beers from around the world

From hummus to beard yeast, these beers highlight the art form of brewing without sacrificing taste.

8 / 8

Rogue Beard Beer Rogue Beard Beer (Photo: Rogue Ales)

8 / 8

Rogue's Beard Beer

Finding new strains of wild yeast to use in the brewing process is a time-honored tradition in the craft beer scene. Yeast, in addition to fermenting brews, are also important in lending both flavor and aroma. You can imagine the surprise, then, when John Maier, brewmaster at Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon, discovered a new strain of yeast not outside, but from his own old growth beard.

The beardy yeast was subsequently cultivated and added to a new brew called, apropos, Beard Beer. While such a name does little to stoke the palate, reviews of this unique brew have given it much praise, including a gold medal at the 2015 World Beer Championships.

"I've toyed with the pros and cons of drinking a brewmaster's beard," quipped one taster. "At the end of the day, this was a worthwhile experience."

Pairs well with beef, dessert, BBQ chicken and pork.

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