7 wacky but tasty beers from around the world

From hummus to beard yeast, these beers highlight the art form of brewing without sacrificing taste.

7 / 8

Berserker Imperial Stout Berserker Imperial Stout (Photo: Midnight Brewing Co.)

7 / 8

Midnight Sun's Berserker Imperial Stout

If you're looking for a heavy dark beer with a touch of sweetness, the Berserker Imperial Stout from Alaskan brew house Midnight Sun should definitely be on your radar.

This limited edition beer is brewed with pure maple syrup and molasses and aged in oak bourbon barrels. Wrote one taster: "The initial wave of sweetness includes molasses, brown sugar, maple syrup, toffee, caramel, red wine, cocoa powder, dark fruit like raisins, then the booze, which is a cross between rum and bourbon."

The Berserker currently enjoys a 96% approval rating on Beer Advocate, earning it a delicious world-class distinction. Pair this one with basically any dessert you can think of.

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