7 wacky but tasty beers from around the world

From hummus to beard yeast, these beers highlight the art form of brewing without sacrificing taste.

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oyster stout oyster stout (Photo: Porterhouse Brewing Co.)

6 / 8

Porterhouse Brewing Co.'s Oyster Stout

Definitely not for the vegetarian crowd, Ireland's Porterhouse Brewing Co.'s Oyster Stout has quickly turned into one of its best-selling beers.

While the use of oysters in beer goes back all the way to the late 1800s (the shells, rich in calcium carbonate, serve as an effective clarifying agent), it's not until recently that this lost art has been revived by brew houses around the world.

For each batch, Porterhouse shucks the oysters and throws them whole into the conditioning tank. The result, as one taster put it, is a beer with heavy notes of coffee, chocolate and just a hint of salt.

We imagine this pairs well with a walnut-crusted fish fillet.

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