7 wacky but tasty beers from around the world

From hummus to beard yeast, these beers highlight the art form of brewing without sacrificing taste.

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Chickpea Malt Beer Chickpea Malt Beer (Photo: Meadan Craft Brewing)

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Meadan Chickpea Malt Ale, aka Hummus Beer

Meadan Craft Brewing in Israel is focused on one thing: creating quality beers specifically for those with gluten intolerance. Instead of traditional grains like barley and wheat, the company creates brews with a base of chickpeas, dates, quinoa and buckwheat.

Founder Bryan Meadan, who was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2006, says it took patience to find the right flavor. "After a few mediocre batches and hundreds of bottles, I honed in on the taste I was looking for."

Meadan Chickpea Malt Ale, nicknamed "hummus beer," is currently available throughout Israel. According to one reviewer, the beer pours "brown to orange with a medium head, aroma of hummus and notes of hops, flavor of wood, fruit, delicate, light-bodied."

This brew pairs well with chicken, seafood and a wide variety of additional mediterranean dishes.

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