7 wacky but tasty beers from around the world

From hummus to beard yeast, these beers highlight the art form of brewing without sacrificing taste.

2 / 8
2 / 8

Weird Beard Brew's Lemon Meringue Pie

When it came time for London-based Weird Beard Brew Co. to choose a new, bizarre beer to invent, the owners settled on a quintessential American dessert: lemon meringue pie.

Featuring a biscuit malt, lactose for sweetness, refreshing Sorachi Ace hops, and the flesh and zest of dozens of lemons, Weird Beard has created what they claim is "an easy drinking" Lemon Meringue Pie in a glass.

Wrote one taster: "Aroma is tangy lightly sweet light lemony. Taste is also crispy tangy with notes of citrus peel and tangerine." Pair this one with cheese, seafood (like fish in tomato and cilantro sauce), or chicken.

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