These 6 cities have mastered café culture

If you love coffee, put these destinations on your must-visit list.

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Eating on sidewalk outdoors in Tel Aviv Eating on sidewalk outdoors in Tel Aviv (Photo: Aris Gionis / Flickr)

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Tel Aviv, Israel and its centers of cultural life

Cafés are revered institutions in Tel Aviv. While they're a good place to get a caffeine fix and a quick bite, they are seen as being much more than that: they're also centers of cultural life where one can come to be among friends.

It's hard to walk down the streets of Tel Aviv without passing one (or two) cafés, with tables lined up out front for patrons to sit at and enjoy the gorgeous Mediterranean weather. Neighborhoods in the city have long relied on them to be social hubs. New local haunts like Café Bacio and Café Sheleg are adding additional flavor to the city's cafe culture.

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