8 signature dishes from award-winning chefs you have to try

From the world's best hummus to potatoes disguised as rocks, these dishes deserve a taste in your kitchen.

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Gaggan's Meatlicious Burger Steak Gaggan's Meatlicious Burger Steak (Photo: YouTube)

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Gaggan's Meatlicious Burger Steak

If you wish to enjoy the fine, innovative cuisine at Gaggan restaurant in Thailand, it's best to arrive with clean hands. Founded by Indian chef Gaggan Anand, the eatery encourages all patrons to shun silverware and eat with their hands.

"We create food to eat by hand," he said. "It's a new whole experience for our customers and they love it. Most of our Indian dishes are inspired by the street food in India. The seafood in India is great too. It's inspiring! It's amazing!"

If you're looking for a gourmet upgrade to the classic burger, look no further than Gaggan's recipe for a meatlicious burger steak. Featuring brown sugar, chillies, fresh olives and a zesty wing sauce, its a more refined cousin to the classic American burger.

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