8 signature dishes from award-winning chefs you have to try

From the world's best hummus to potatoes disguised as rocks, these dishes deserve a taste in your kitchen.

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Eleven Madison Park's Granola

Swiss chef Daniel Humm, whose Eleven Madison South restaurant in New York City currently sits atop a listing of the world's best, is passionate about cooking, life and, yes, granola.

"I have fallen in love with granola, in life and at work," he wrote in an ode to the dish. "I exercise every morning, and then I have a monstrous day in front of me. Granola gives me energy. It's quick, tasty and healthy."

As one of the world's premiere gourmet chefs, Humm's granola is likely unlike anything you've tried before. A recipe shared with the New York Times features such ingredients as brown sugar, pistachios, cherries, pumpkin seeds and coconut chips.

"It might seem unusual, but if it has oats and grains, some sugar and salt, and it's crispy, to me, that's a granola," he added.

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