8 signature dishes from award-winning chefs you have to try

From the world's best hummus to potatoes disguised as rocks, these dishes deserve a taste in your kitchen.

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A river stone from Mugaritz. A river stone from Mugaritz. (Photo: Kok Chih & Sarah Gan / Flickr/Creative Commons)

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A tasty adventure

What does it take to become one of the world's best chefs? As the James Beard Awards and other prestigious rankings of culinary hotspots throughout the world have shown over the last several years, perfection in the kitchen is not the only ingredient. To truly tickle the taste buds of critics, creativity and a willingness to take risks are equally important.

In the slides ahead, we spotlight several of the world's top chefs who are reimagining their menus daily and pushing innovation forward in gourmet dining. For those interested in sampling this culinary evolution, such as the "edible river stone" featured in the left-hand photo, we also spotlight a recipe you can try at home.

Ready to feel both hungry and inspired? Click through this slideshow to explore the latest in gourmet cooking.

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