7 sexy chefs from around the globe

These gourmet cooks know how to turn up the heat on more than your tastebuds.

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Chef Sarah Todd in an image from Instagram. Chef Sarah Todd in an image from Instagram. (Photo: Sarah Todd / Instagram)

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Sarah Todd

While in the midst of a professional modeling career that took her from runways in Paris to catwalks in Berlin, Australian Sarah Todd discovered a passion for gourmet cooking. After graduating from the prestigious French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu, she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most celebrated new chefs in Australia.

"I think I have been searching for a long time for my real passion and the moment that I really started cooking, I knew this is what I want to be doing," she said.

Todd, co-owner of a gourmet eatery in India, says her favorite dishes reflect the clean-living lifestyle increasingly embraced by modern chefs. "Lentil salad, with slow roasted tomatoes, feta, pickled red onions; slow roasted lamb shoulder; seafood pakora; chilli mussel hot pot; salmon ceviche with mango chutney and crispy papad," she shared.

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