7 sexy chefs from around the globe

These gourmet cooks know how to turn up the heat on more than your tastebuds.

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Chef Ari Taymor in a shot from Instagram. Chef Ari Taymor in a shot from Instagram. (Photo: Ari Taymor / Instagram)

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Ari Taymor

If you need a bit of inspiration for your own gourmet aspirations, a quick glance at American chef Ari Taymor's Instagram page should do the trick. The James Beard-nominated gourmet, who formerly owned the world-renowned Alma in Los Angeles, says he crafts his food with Southern California in mind.

"I draw my inspiration from the California coast – the weather, physical landscape, the seasons, the way things smell, textures, the way the light hits," he said. "Especially when I’m outside, in the environment, away from the city – I’m really inspired and feeling most connected to what I do."

As for a guilty pleasure, Taymor admits that it's hard to pass up a good burger. His favorite film about cooking? None other than Pixar's animated classic "Ratatouille."

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