7 sexy chefs from around the globe

These gourmet cooks know how to turn up the heat on more than your tastebuds.

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Eden Grinshpan enjoying a gourmet breakfast. Eden Grinshpan enjoying a gourmet breakfast. (Photo: Eden Grinshpan / Instagram)

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Eden Grinshpan

James Beard Award winner Eden Grinshpan, of Israeli descent by way of Canada, is a multi-hyphenate chef, television personality and writer. A graduate of London's prestigious London's Le Cordon Bleu, the Cooking Channel star says her favorite place to visit is the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv.

"When I lived there I used to live beside the market," she told us in 2016. "I bought a cart and would shop there everyday for fresh ingredients. I knew a ton of the vendors and loved the whole experience of it. There is mostly local sourced produce, so everything is seasonal."

No surprise, Grinshpan says her favorite food to cook at home is Mediterranean fare. "So very vegetable heavy, lots of citrus, and grilled meats," she said. "I love cooking food that makes me feel good after."

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