7 sexy chefs from around the globe

These gourmet cooks know how to turn up the heat on more than your tastebuds.

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Chef Franco Noriega poses on Instagram. Chef Franco Noriega poses on Instagram. (Photo: Franco Noriega / Instagram)

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Franco Noriega

Raised in a family of restaurant owners, Franco Noriega is a classically trained Peruvian chef and owner of gourmet eatery Baby Brassa in New York City. As reflected by his more than 500,000 Instagram followers, he is also a part-time model with campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss.

When it comes to crafting everything from a complex menu to a simple dinner, Noriega is sure to make sure everything is clean and healthy.

"The most important thing is how you feel after you eat," he told the New York Post. "When I leave and I feel unbelievably full of energy and light, that’s the type of food I want to eat."

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