Our readers pick the top 10 Israeli Kitchen recipes for 2018

Classics still rule the day in our compilation of the most loved recipes this year.

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Tzatziki sauce with pita Tzatziki sauce with pita (Photo: Yulia Davidovich / Shutterstock)

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4. Tzatziki sauce

Another sauce that's hard to spell, but easy to love: mildly tart yogurt-based sauce, seasoned with fresh herbs and a little garlic, easy enough to make at home, and it harmonizes with almost any food you put on the table. There’s little handiwork; mostly chopping up a cucumber and some herbs. Then just stir everything up, spoon the tzatziki onto a plate and garnish it with a drizzle of olive oil. Serve as part of a mezze array. Or simply on its own, in a bowl, for hungry diners to add to their plates as they wish. Recipe author Sarah Berkowitz likes to heap a tablespoon or so onto a wedge of pita.

However way you dip it, tzatziki's about to become your favorite sauce. Find Berkowitz's recipe here.

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