Our readers pick the top 10 Israeli Kitchen recipes for 2018

Classics still rule the day in our compilation of the most loved recipes this year.

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Aioli sauce with mayonnaise Aioli sauce with mayonnaise (Photo: Christian Jung/Shutterstock)

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7. Aioli sauce

It's a five-letter word that's surprisingly hard to spell. But put to good use, this Italian garlicky mayonnaise called aioli can be the best condiment at your table. It's No. 7 on our list, and we can see why: you're making it from scratch, but you're also getting some genius tips on how to use your food processor to do it. Did you know that the cover to your food processor has a tiny hole in the food pusher, a little off-center to the left, that's there to allow oil to dribble from above, drop by tiny drop, while below the egg and seasonings whirl around in dervish ecstasy, emulsifying toward their destiny?

Elaborate description aside, you've suddenly got homemade aioli. Find Miriam Kresh's recipe, and all the helpful tips she includes, here.

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