Our readers pick the top 10 Israeli Kitchen recipes for 2018

Classics still rule the day in our compilation of the most loved recipes this year.

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Homemade falafel Homemade falafel (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

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1. Falafel

See? The classics really never go out of style, do they? In Miriam Kresh's No. 1 falafel recipe, the traditional Mediterranean street food, eaten in droves by Israelis, starts with a simple batter that you're free to customize as you see fit. That's the beauty of making traditional food at home – the rules go right out the window, along with that fabulous aroma. Also, falafel is in the unique position of being fried while vegan. That's something to be cherished.

Check out the video for Kresh's falafel recipe here, and the full (printable) recipe here.

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