Our readers pick the top 10 Israeli Kitchen recipes for 2018

Classics still rule the day in our compilation of the most loved recipes this year.

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Pickled capers Pickled capers (Photo: Agnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock)

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2. Pickled capers

There’s no ignoring that capers yield a uniquely flavored vegetable relish, out there and free for the picking. Or pickling, as the case may be. In Miriam Kresh's classic caper how-to, she lays out where and how to find the best capers, how to prepare them and how to soak out the harsh bitterness of the raw capers to yield something delightful. At No. 2 on our list, Kresh takes us through the best way to pickle capers, and it's part of a larger collection in our Israeli Kitchen archives on how to pickle a whole lot of different foods. Find that here, and check out Kresh's recipe here.

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