That wine is from where?

A trip to 7 lesser-known wine-making regions.

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Grapes at a winery on Inle Lake, Myanmar Grapes at a winery on Inle Lake, Myanmar (Photo: Hang Dinh / Shutterstock)

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Inle Lake, Myanmar

Southeast Asia is probably one of the last places on earth that you would expect to find vineyards, let alone quality wineries. Nonetheless, Inle Lake, a large body of water in the highlands of Central Myanmar, is home to the Red Mountain Estate Vineyards and Winery

Producing some of the best wines north of Australia, this estate draws tourists who are seduced by the idea of tasting wines amidst such picturesque surroundings. A French winemaker and state-of-the-art European equipment help to raise the quality of the product here, while the altitude (3,000 feet above sea level) and monsoonal weather patterns provide the rain and cool temperatures necessary for thriving vineyards. 


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