That wine is from where?

A trip to 7 lesser-known wine-making regions.

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Ripe grapes in the Okanagan Valley, Canada Ripe grapes in the Okanagan Valley, Canada (Photo: Max Lindenthaler / Shutterstock)

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Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

British Columbia is home to many of Canada's vineyards, and the Okanagan Valley is where a majority of the province's grape-growing acreage is located. The valley stretches for 132 miles, with the undulating terrain creating a variety of microclimates. This means that even though two wineries are located in the same region, they may grow very different varieties of grape and produce wines that have very different flavors. 

More than 100 wineries are licensed to operate in Okanagan. The lush, beautiful scenery that characterizes much of rural British Columbia, coupled with the sheer number of wineries, makes this a paradise for wine tourists. 

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