That wine is from where?

A trip to 7 lesser-known wine-making regions.

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Vineyard neat Mount Bental, Northern Israel Vineyard neat Mount Bental, Northern Israel (Photo: ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock)

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Golan Heights, Israel

Many people consider the Golan Heights to be the ideal place to grow wine grapes in Israel. The higher elevation protects the vines from the summertime heat that characterizes the lower areas in the region. Both small and large wineries dot the Heights, and the gravelly but rich soil imbues the grapes with a terroir that is prized among Israeli wine enthusiasts.

Most wineries started out growing French-style grapes, but have since branched out and experimented with different varieties. The large, modern Golan Heights Winery produces award-winning wines under the Golan, Yarden and Gamla labels. The grapes used by Golan are grown in more than a dozen local vineyards. The smaller Bazelet HaGolan Winery, known for its merlots and cabernets, sits on the slopes of the Heights overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Several other artisan winemakers, such as the relatively young Château Golan, also offer tastings in the Golan Heights area.   

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