That wine is from where?

A trip to 7 lesser-known wine-making regions.

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winery in Istria, Croatia winery in Istria, Croatia (Photo: Tupungato / Shutterstock)

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Istria, Croatia

Istria is a peninsula that sits on the Adriatic Sea, almost directly across from the Italian city of Venice. Most of the peninsula is part of Croatia, but the influence of Italy is palpable. Italian is often heard in the region's town squares, many of which have an atmosphere that is similar to their equally historic peers across the narrow sea. The historic vibe, cheaper prices and sunny Mediterranean towns have been drawing tourists to Croatia's coast and islands for the past two decades. 

Some of the varieties of grapes that thrive in the soil of Istria, which is know for its distinct red color, are the same grapes that grow in Italy's world-famous viticulture regions. However, Istria is hardly a poor man's Tuscany. The rich soil and local winemaking traditions (as well as many varieties of native grapes) combine to produce some very fine wines that can stand alongside the world's best in terms of taste.  

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