That wine is from where?

A trip to 7 lesser-known wine-making regions.

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Galilee vineyards Galilee vineyards (Photo: Noam Armonn / Shutterstock)

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Beyond Tuscany, Napa and Bordeaux

Wines from certain regions are highly prized by aficionados and casual drinkers alike. The quality of these beverages is high, but skillful marketing and savvy distribution plans also play a role in the popularity of wines from places like Tuscany, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Southern Australia and France's legendary vineyard regions. However, grape-growing takes place all over the world. Even in lesser-known viticulture areas, you can taste great wines and revel in the atmosphere of rustic sophistication that vineyards and wineries can provide. Here are seven unexpected vineyard destinations that don't often make the headlines, but that can provide a special winery experience.       

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