How to give Mom the ultimate international breakfast in bed

This Mother's Day, do something special: Don't let her get out of bed until she eats breakfast!

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Jam forming a heart on toast. Jam forming a heart on toast. (Photo: nito / Shutterstock)

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A nod to tradition

She's the one who put just the right amount of jelly in your PB&J so that it wouldn't ooze out of the side of the bread. She's the one who cheered the loudest at your soccer games, laughed the heartiest at your jokes, hugged the longest when you needed it the most. So what have you done for Mom lately?

How about giving her the perfect start to her Mother's Day, through a delicious, gourmet breakfast celebrating the world's most captivating cultures and cuisines? Before she gets out of bed, surprise Mom with a nod to tradition – breakfast in bed, featuring one of these six tasty international twists:

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