How to become a vegetarian for a week

Embracing fruits and veggies is easier than you think – especially with these delicious recipes.

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Roasted carrots Roasted carrots (Photo: Stockcreations / Shutterstock)

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Give your veggies a kick with spices

Adding spices and sauces to your vegetables doesn't just kick up the flavor – it makes for an all-around more interesting dish. Did you buy a huge bag of carrots this week? No need to use them all at once in the same recipe. Take the opportunity to try them roasted with chili powder, and you may find that you've satisfied your french fry craving!

Think outside of the box to add variety to your meal planning. Every fruit and vegetable has a magic ingredient that will make it really stand out, whether it's a creamy sauce or a sprinkle of spices.

These recipes give fresh produce a serious flavor upgrade:

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