How to become a vegetarian for a week

Embracing fruits and veggies is easier than you think – especially with these delicious recipes.

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Apricot smoothie Apricot smoothie (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

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Boost your mornings with nutrient-dense breakfasts

Flavorful, creamy smoothies are easy to make and a delicious way to start the day. Throw your favorite fruit in a blender, add Greek yogurt or the milk of your choice and drizzle a little honey for a sweet morning treat that's packed with vitamins. Add spinach for an extra point!

If you prefer something savory, eggs and veggies go hand-in-hand. More of a toast person? Sunflower seed butter is a nutritious topper, and you can make it fresh at home.

These recipes will have you forgetting about sausage and bacon in no time:

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