The best of autumn’s bounty at farmers markets this fall

From warm soups to spicy dishes, here is a selection of fruit and vegetables to celebrate the fall season.

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Red beet Red beet (Photo: pilipphoto / Shutterstock)

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The sweet red beet

Though plain on the outside, beets hide a crimson inside that makes them one of nature's sweetest and most beneficial root vegetables.

Studies have linked beets to lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation and even a boost in stamina. Owing to their high concentration of sugars (20-30% of the world’s sugar comes from the sugar beet), they also make a great addition to salads, stir fries and smoothies.

Want to try some recipes that will make you fall in love with beets? Check out this spicy beet salad with tahini or this incredibly healthy and delicious root vegetable medley.

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