The best of autumn’s bounty at farmers markets this fall

From warm soups to spicy dishes, here is a selection of fruit and vegetables to celebrate the fall season.

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horseradish horseradish (Photo: unpict / Shutterstock)

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The 'wake me up' horseradish

This perennial, nose-tickling root is an excellent way to add some kick to your fall dishes.

Native to Europe, horseradish is related to mustard greens and radishes. It's often used to complement red meat dishes such as roast beef, or included as a garnish on eggs or even in cocktails.

More than just a way to clear your head, horseradish also contains significant amounts of cancer-fighting compounds and is useful in relieving sinus discomfort and helping with urinary tract infections.

Looking for the perfect way to use it? Check out this recipe for beef tenderloin with an orange horseradish sauce.

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