The best of autumn’s bounty at farmers markets this fall

From warm soups to spicy dishes, here is a selection of fruit and vegetables to celebrate the fall season.

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4 / 9

The juicy pomegranate

The best way to choose a pomegranate from your local farmers market is to go straight for the ugliest. That's right – pomegranates are at their peak in flavor and seeds when they're cracked, wrinkled and bursting at the seams.

This delicious fruit is generally grown in warmer climates such as California or Mediterranean regions like Israel and Greece.

Tasty as they are, they also pack a powerful health punch with benefits that range from lowering blood pressure to boosting your immune system. Want to score some smiles from friends? Mix them up in this handcrafted pomegranate lemonade or, for evening soirees, this delicious pomegranate martini.

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