The best of autumn’s bounty at farmers markets this fall

From warm soups to spicy dishes, here is a selection of fruit and vegetables to celebrate the fall season.

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Artichoke Artichoke (Photo: LENA GABRILOVICH / Shutterstock)

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The buttery artichoke

Native to the Mediterranean, the artichoke is technically nothing more than a giant undeveloped flower bud. Cook one up, however, and you'll be treated to a delicious, nutty flavor that pairs well with butter and other creamy sauces.

Artichokes are also very good for you, containing more health-boosting antioxidants than most other vegetables. They're also high in dietary fiber and folic acid, and can be beneficial against high cholestrol and blood pressure.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our recipes for stuffed artichokes and a warming artichoke and mushroom soup.

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