9 kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed

Chop onions without crying, make butter spreadable and cut the perfect slice of pizza with these (and more!) ingenious tools.

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Clongs Clongs (Photo: Dreamfarm)

6 / 10

Mess-free food tongs

When it comes to cook's tools, tongs may be the greatest invention since the bagel slicer. But you find yourself in a pickle when it's time to put them down. You're not finished using them, but you don't want them to touch the counter. Obviously you can't hold them in your hand for the next 10 minutes while you wait to turn your chicken over in the oven. What to do, what to do ... behold! A set of tongs with a bend at the handle that keeps the tips from touching surfaces! They're called Clongs, which is short for "click-lock sit-up tongs," and they're as adorable as any kitchen utensil gets. Made by Dreamfarm, an Australian company of blokes on a "neverending search for problems that need solving," the Clongs are available on the company's website or at several specialty shops.

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