9 kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed

Chop onions without crying, make butter spreadable and cut the perfect slice of pizza with these (and more!) ingenious tools.

5 / 10
5 / 10

A pomegranate deseeder that does what it says

Those brilliantly colored, jewel-like seeds in your pomegranate may look gorgeous, but they're awfully stubborn when it's time to extract them. You could use one of two methods described here to get them out, or you could just buy this handy-dandy tool: a pomegranate deseeder that allows the seeds to pop out with ease. No complicated cutting, no mess, no splatter, no fuss. This product is made in Israel, where pomegranates are a common addition to the diet and are revered for their multitude of health benefits, such as immune boosting, blood pressure lowering, and inflammation reduction. With this deseeding tool, you'll want to extract as many of those nutritional nuggets as you possibly can. You can buy this from Kitchenworks and other outlets.

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