9 kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed

Chop onions without crying, make butter spreadable and cut the perfect slice of pizza with these (and more!) ingenious tools.

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The Corkcicle maintains ideal wine temperatures. The Corkcicle maintains ideal wine temperatures. (Photo: Corkcicle)

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Tell that wine to chill with a Corkcicle

You've been planning that party for weeks. You've cleaned the house, prepared the hors d'oeuvres, chilled the – cripes! You forgot to chill the wine!

Fear not, fine imbibers. The Corkcicle is essentially a cork with an artificial icicle attached, ensuring that your whites maintain their cool, crisp flavor and that your reds don’t descend from cellar temperature to creepily warm. It's just one of the U.S.-based company's full line of products designed to fill in your brain blip in the booze department. The Wedge, for instance, is a functional-yet-stylish glass with an accompanying silicone form that chills your favorite spirits to an ideal temperature without watering them down. Corkcicle's products are available on their website and through retailers Wine Enthusiast, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy's.

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