9 kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed

Chop onions without crying, make butter spreadable and cut the perfect slice of pizza with these (and more!) ingenious tools.

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Onion goggles Onion goggles (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

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Cut onions without crying with goggles

Onions are a ubiquitous ingredient in countless recipes, and you (and your family) love them. But what you don't love is the stinging, watery, itchy mess your face becomes when you chop them. And if this is something that really bothers you, chances are you've researched home remedies for this affliction (put the onion in the freezer! Run it under cold water!) only to end up, once again, hovering over the sink, desperately splashing water on your eyes, struggling to restore your sight (and dignity). Turns out there really is a simple remedy for this – onion goggles, which are wrap-around glasses with foam around the frames that make them airtight and fume-resistant. Many varieties of the goggles are available on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and Cutlery and More.

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