9 kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed

Chop onions without crying, make butter spreadable and cut the perfect slice of pizza with these (and more!) ingenious tools.

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ButterUp knife ButterUp knife (Photo: ButterUp)

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A butter knife that won't tear your bread

Why is it that every time you attempt to spread butter on a piece of bread – a task that should, relatively speaking, be one of the easiest things you do all day – you end up with a big tear across the middle and a disc-shaped mass of butter and bread crumbs on your counter? Luckily, someone out there was just as frustrated with this mishap as you are, and they decided to fix it – with ButterUp, a tool invented and made in Australia that’s like a knife and grater in one. As you slide the knife along the butter, tiny holes along the side of the knife turn the butter into long, skinny ribbons. You can buy the ButterUp knife on the company's website or at the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) store in New York.

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