8 wine grape varieties you've probably never heard of

Surprise your next dinner guests with these delicious, relatively unknown varieties.

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The refreshing Romorantin

A sibling of the more popular Chardonnay, Romorantin is a variety of white wine grape that today is only grown in the tiny French town of Cour-Cheverny. Only 120 acres of the variety are in production at any given time.

Noted for its "lemon gold color," Romorantin has a light nose of pear, lemon peel and pineapple. The white wine created from the grapes is acidic with intense minerality and fruit. Tasting notes include stewed apples, lemon and honey.

A fully balanced wine, Romorantin should be paired with seafood, such as this Moroccan fish stew or sautéed white fish fillets in a dry sauce.

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