6 bars around the world for beer enthusiasts

If you like beer, you'd be wise to make a pilgrimage to these places.

5 / 7
5 / 7

Monk's Cafe: Philadelphia, USA

This small and unassuming spot in downtown Philadelphia was one of the first bars in the U.S. to take beer seriously. Before Monk's, most places just stocked beer from the major breweries and called it a day. But stocking hundreds of beers from around the world and having their own sour ale on tap started a beer obsession among many in America that hasn't ceased. Today Monk's remains a must-visit spot for any beer enthusiast who happens to find themselves in the City of Brotherly Love. And if you're with friends, feel free to drag them along. A solid food menu that features such choices as bratwurst and moules-frites means beer isn't the only draw here.

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