8 high-tech innovations that will put humans on Mars

From interplanetary ships to humanoid robots, these are the technologies that will help establish the first human colony on Mars.

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An illustration of an early Mars colony. An illustration of an early Mars colony. (Photo: Mars Society MRDS)

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Cool tech that will get us to Mars

Within our lifetimes, rover tracks on the surface of Mars may one day be joined by human footprints.

A number of major players are currently engaged in developing the technologies and means necessary to begin the human colonization of the red planet. While the timelines presented by each for bringing this ambitious new chapter in human exploration to fruition differ, many believe the world envisioned by Matt Damon's "The Martian" could be two to four decades away.

"It is in our DNA, our makeup as human beings, to have a curiosity to expand our knowledge and to explore beyond the present limits," former astronaut Buzz Aldrin told From The Grapevine. "It is an inevitable mark of progress."

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