4 things we bet you didn't know Einstein invented

Albert Einstein patented about 50 designs over the years for inventions that had nothing to do with physics theories.

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lens lens (Photo: Vladimir Arndt / Shutterstock)

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Self-adjusting camera

The famous scientist also came up with the idea for a camera that automatically adjusts based on the amount of light it takes in. Einstein collaborated with German inventor Gustav Bucky on this one, and Bucky went on to patent a lot of automatically adjusting cameras.

Five years after they patented this, Kodak came out with its own self-adjusting camera with an "electric eye," the same term Einstein used to describe his camera (although the two devices were designed differently).

Einstein was way ahead of his time on this one – nowadays, you can't swing a cat in a department store without hitting one (but it might be fun to try).

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