6 things as soothing as popping bubble wrap

For some, popping bubble wrap can be relaxing. Here are 6 other simple activities to put a little more chill into your life.

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adult coloring adult coloring (Photo: tomertu / Shutterstock)

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Coloring, with a grown-up twist

Your favorite childhood pastime, now in adult form! The hobby started out as a niche, and now adult coloring has slowly turned into an international trend. And like many forms of art, this one has people of all ages transfixed – it's a trend that's catching on around the world, with some even creating "coloring clubs" and others likening it to meditation. Even Crayola, the unequivocal coloring colossus, has gotten in on the action, developing its own line of adult coloring kits and adding a wide selection of adult coloring pages to its collection of free downloadable activities. Life looks better in color, doesn't it?


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