6 things as soothing as popping bubble wrap

For some, popping bubble wrap can be relaxing. Here are 6 other simple activities to put a little more chill into your life.

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yoga breathing yoga breathing (Photo: Nickolya / Shutterstock)

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Breathe in, breathe out

When someone tells you to "take a couple deep breaths," what they're actually telling you to do is to stop the current train of thought you're on, pull into the station and rest. And it's easier said than done. It’s an acquired skill and one that doesn’t come easily to some people. That’s why there are established techniques, like yoga and tai chi, to provide clear, focused direction for beginners who want to find a calm place to channel that nervous energy that accumulates throughout the day. And all good relaxation techniques start with one fundamental step – breathing. It's the key to keeping your body and mind in sync.

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