6 things as soothing as popping bubble wrap

For some, popping bubble wrap can be relaxing. Here are 6 other simple activities to put a little more chill into your life.

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woman with flowers woman with flowers (Photo: AnnaTamila / Shutterstock)

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Be a giver

That guy who was short 50 cents at the supermarket the other day was probably feeling pretty low for a minute. But you swooped in and made his day when you scrounged up that extra pocket change so he could get on his way. Not only did that simple act of kindness keep the line moving so you could pay for your own groceries, it also did something special – it increased your chances of living a happy, healthy life. Dan Ariely, an Israeli-American author and professor who's written several books about decision-making, says it's not just what we give, but how, that determines our level of long-term happiness. "It's the way we give and how we give that makes us happy," Ariely said. "The key is to give deliberately and thoughtfully, so that other people benefit from it."

RAKS (random acts of kindness) like this can have lasting effects on both sides of the transaction – simply put, the giver feels happy he was able to help, and the receiver feels grateful for the gesture. An all-around win-win.

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